Step-by-Step Guide To How o Install a Smart Light Switch

Do you want your home lighting controlled by Alexa or Google Assistant? Smart bulbs aren’t the only way to go. With the help of a smart light switch, it is now possible to make existing light fixtures automated and voice-controlled. What’s more, they do not require ladders or footstools to install, unlike smart light bulbs, which can be a bit challenging.

However, installing a smart switch requires some electrical work on your part but don’t worry; we will guide you through the entire process so that your installation is safe and quick. If you follow these simple steps, you may be able to install a smart light switch yourself without having to hire an electrician.

What is the best way to manually install a smart light switch?

Step 1: Configure your smart switch

Getting the right kind of smart switch for an existing light switch requires determining what type of set you have because the switch you purchase must be compatible with your existing set. For instance: You need a “single-gang” set-up if you have only one switch, a two-gang set-up if you have two switches, and a three-gang set-up if you have three switches.

Step 2: Identify the wiring type

Always keep safety in mind during electrical wire work. First, turn off your electricity via the fuse box to examine the wiring since there is a risk of getting an electric shock if you poke around in there without shutting off the electricity. When replacing multiple fixtures, don’t assume all the switches are set up equally. Each room’s switch configuration may differ.

Step 3: Remove the existing switch before installing the smart switch

To remove the wall plate, unbolt it, then push it off the wall. If the plate is stuck to the wall due to dried paint, you can remove it with a flathead screwdriver or butter knife.

Step 4: Examine the wiring

If you take apart your existing switch, you will find four different types of wiring: “in” wires, “out” wires, “ground” wires, and a “neutral” wire, which is usually white.

If your home lacks a neutral wire, You will need a smart light switch that doesn’t require a neutral wire which is likely the case for older homes. Please refer to your new device’s smart switch wiring diagram if you have any questions.

Step 5: Take out the old switch and install the smart switch

Disconnect the wires from the switch with a screwdriver while the power is off. The wires may be tangled around screws or positioned in slotted areas. As you connect the wires to the smart switch, ensure they are attached to their corresponding spots; for example, the “in” wire must be connected to the “in” wire, and so on. Generally, switches have labels, but you can also find a diagram in the user manual. When preparing the new switch’s wires, use a wire stripper to ensure they’re not exposed or loose.

Step 6: Install the smart light switch

Once everything is connected, turn on your Smart Switch, connect to the internet, and download Switch’s mobile app on your preferred device.

Step 7: Remote Control Your Smart Switch with App

After you download and connect the smart hub to your smart light switch, you’ll be able to use it with Alexa or Google Home.

Wrap up!

Hopefully, this Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install a Smart Light Switch will assist you with setting up your smart switch. Thanks for checking out our blog, and if you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to share them below.

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